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Love Your Neighbor: Refugee Support

Join us in loving our neighbors well by supporting our local refugees as they adjust to a new culture and environment.
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Love Your Neighbor: Refugee Support


The Agape Center actively engages with Refugees in our local area to support them during the ever-present changes and challenges in their life. From teaching English as a second language (ESL), to tutoring, to hosting a retreat on campus that empowers refugee children and teens to consider college and career options, the Agape Center is determined to love its neighbors well. By donating to this cause, you can support their current efforts and help them expand their reach.

Your dollars would support the Agape Center in areas such as:

· Providing tutoring and ESL materials for refugee adults and children – Messiah College students help tutor! How cool is that?

· Increasing Messiah College student participation at multiple tutoring and programming sites, including the launch of a new on-campus weekly tutoring program

· Offering health-related supplies to local refugees

· Creating more opportunity for refugee and student relationships

· Estimated cost for one-year: $2,700; all additional costs will continue to be used for refugee-related service opportunities


Consider how you can impact your neighbors through supporting our project!



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