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Pay It Forward: Scholarship Aid

Support those who will follow in your falcon footsteps by blessing others educational endeavors with financial assistance.
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Pay It Forward: Scholarship Aid


Attending college can be a financial burden for many individuals. Thankfully, Messiah College has wonderful alums, parents, grandparents and friends who believe in a Messiah education experience. They faithfully donate to help you and your classmates have a more affordable education by giving to scholarship aid.

Would you consider paying it forward? Would you be one of our community heroes that bless those who come after you? Donate to the scholarship aid fund today!


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Ends on May 18,2018

Campaign Level Perks

*All incentives are exclusive to senior donations. If a senior chooses to make multiple donations at different times to one or multiple projects, their giving will compound in order to receive the highest level of incentive they qualify for.
Gift of Sunglasses for this perk


$10.00 - $19.00

Sport these nifty shades around campus!

Gift of Mason Jar Mug for this perk

Mason Jar Mug

$20.00 - $29.00

Sip your favorite beverage from these fancy customized mason jars. When you give at this level you'll receive the sunglass from the Bronze level, too!

Gift of T-Shirt for this perk



New Messiah t-shirt? Yes, please! Give at the highest level and receive this customized Messiah College t-shirt. Plus, when you give at this level, you'll receive incentives from the Bronze and Silver level, too!