Jarvis Hartfiel Memorial Business Scholarship Endowment header

The Jarvis Hartfiel Memorial International Business Scholarship Endowment

Jarvis Hartfiel ‘10 passed from this world unexpectedly on May 31, 2017. Jarvis’s life was so active and full, and he is sorely missed by family, friends, and those he worked with.  Messiah University was central to his spiritual walk and business development. He so loved Radiant Windows and being of service to his community. It seems only fitting to create a fund that will be a blessing to other students at Messiah that share his values and character.

One of Jarvis' s gifts was that he naturally enjoyed making friendships, especially with children from a different culture than his own. Eager to learn, Jarvis explored his interests for another culture in a childlike fashion. He happily lent his hand to those in need, an attribute he demonstrated from a young age.This righteous attitude demonstrated the level of caring and interest he had for his employees. It also attests to his success in international business and philanthropic pursuits.

Would you consider making a financial gift or pledge to this fund to help make this scholarship become a reality? A minimum of $25,000 is required to establish a named scholarship at Messiah. Each dollar contributed or pledged will go toward the endowment of this fund. Once the minimum of $25,000 has been raised, a percentage from this fund provides annual resources for the scholarship award. My hope is a perpetual fund for future students keeping the beauty of Jarvis’s life in Pennsylvania alive at Messiah.

Thank you for considering this request! As you reflect on Jarvis and his wonderful business “Radiant Windows,” consider his impact on your life as well and the impact that your gift will have on the life of students for generations to come.