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AROMA Summer Academy

“Go, and give as freely as you have received.”

AROMA Summer Academy is a 6-Month intensive discipleship and evangelization initiative where a group of 12-15 students will be challenged in spiritual, physical, relational and missional growth and development.

 During this six-month journey, students will be challenged daily to receive all God has in store for them, then, having received freely, they will be invited to be an outpouring of that love and abundant life into the lives of others.

Some highlights of this journey will include:

• Invest 10-12 weeks utilizing sport as a platform to build relationships and advance the Kingdom locally, domestically, and abroad!

• God willing, have the opportunity to share the courageous love of Jesus with a multitude of ages, populous groups, and contexts over the course of a summer –
including: sport camps with elementary and middle school-age students, mentoring and training alongside high school student-athletes, serving in an overnight retreat capacity with mentally and physically disabled adults, and traveling internationally to love and invest into groups of incarcerated teenagers and young adults.

• Engage in a discipleship journey the semester prior alongside AROMA staff, one another, and others on campus in preparation to “Go – and, give as freely as we have received” over the course of a summer together!

• Get connected with and learn from other sport and ministry leaders locally, domestically, and abroad that we hope will encourage their faith, and spur them forward in their walk with Jesus.



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