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Women's Soccer Colombia

Women's Soccer Colombia

The women's soccer team will be traveling to Medellin, Colombia March 3-12, 2023 in partnership with the Christian Union Futbol Club. In 2011, the Messiah Men’s Soccer Team began a relationship with this unbelievable sports ministry that over the last decade has grown deep. The men’s team has been back 4 times since that original trip and AROMA is excited to be taking our women’s team for the first time to work with this incredible partner in Medellin, Colombia. The ministry began 25 years ago and now works with over 3,500 youth a week in the city of Medellin providing soccer training, leagues, discipleship, mentoring and all sorts of family assistance for the youth. We have the pleasure of serving alongside them this Spring. The team will stay at their stadium, play some friendly matches, do some manual labor around the facilities, and minister to the youth through soccer. The women's soccer team has been blessed and believe they have a lot to give. At the same time, the people of Colombia, and the ministry partners the team will work with, will be an inspiration and challenge to the team as well. The women's soccer team looks forward to the impact, both individually and as a team that a shared experience like this can have!