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The Collaboratory Honors Display

Support the Collab’s honors display celebrating those they work with and impact for Kingdom glory.
Outreach Community Local Global Environment Service Stewardship
The Collaboratory Honors Display

The Collaboratory aims to provide Messiah College students with hands-on, project-based learning while fostering justice, empowering the poor, promoting peace, and stewarding God’s creation.

This amazing program has impacted many lives in many countries such as Zambia, Mexico, and Burkina Faso as well as those within our own local Harrisburg community. The Collaboratory desires to honor those they partner with by creating an honors display in Frey 070.

Here’s a snapshot about the project:

·  Location: Frey 070

·  Purpose: To provide an ever-present reminder for campus, as well as Collaboratory members, of the importance, scope and geographical reach our students have through Collaboratory projects and the value placed on each relationship built as a result.

·  Cost Estimate: $3,000

·  What will it look like?: The visual display will be comprised of banners, maps/flags, photos and brief descriptions of each global partner and their project.

·  When will it be built?: This project will be installed Summer/Fall 2018

·  What will happen with excess funds? If more money is raised than needed, it will support their general fund.

Join us in creating a wonderful reminder of what you and your peers do as part of the Collaboratory.

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Lauren Walter
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Ended on May 19,2018

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